Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another late entry

Here's an account of my trip to the Museo de Bellas Artes (the Museum of Fine Arts). I went there on a Sunday morning when entry costs a voluntary donation (i.e. free). The works displayed were a mixture of classical and modern forms. In the middle of my visit, a woman came up to me and told me in a pleasant manner that photography was prohibited ( ???? ninguna ???? por favor).

What's that you said? I don't understand Spanish.
No 'fotografias'.
Oh, sorry.
Where are you from?
Do you find the art here nice?
Are you studying here?
Where? In a university?
Which university?
Yes...uh...I mean Santiago.
Oh, that's nice. Do enjoy your stay here.
Thank you.
At least that's how I hope the conversation went. I went on to take more pictures after that.
'Nuff said. I'll just chuck all my pictures here because I don't have time to do a detailed writeup today. Not that anyone gets awed by my writing anyway.

Entrance Hall

Entrance Hall - Second Floor

Entrance Hall - Second Floor

Fragmented Horse Bust

La Miseria by Ernest Concha

Dafne y Cloe by Virginio Arias

El Descendimiento by Virginio Arias

Nacimiento de Venus by Raul Valdivieso

El Nino de la Espina by Autor Desconocido




Mural de Moldes de Pulpa de Papel y Piedra Grabada

Instalacion Linea de Tiempo

Basement gallery of artist victims of Pinochet's regime. You can see each of their photographs superimposed on their art.

El Dia Es Un Atentado by Roberto Matta

Dormimus en Manhattan I by Nemesio Antunez

El Pragmatico Visitante by Ricardo Irarrazaval

Magdalena en Penitencia by Alfredo Valenzuela Palma

Can't remember the title, but it is amusing.

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